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An innovative approach to relationally-based ministry

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Table of Friends

Is an innovative approach to relationally-based ministry, founded upon a Trinitarian paradigm of personhood which honors "being" before "doing," and relationships before position. In practice we express this as an apostolic ministry of leadership development through discipling disciple-makers.

We are intentional about discipling those who will disciple others. This is done through three primary vehicles: Table of Friends Church, Triad personal discipleship, and teaching partnerships via university and pastoral consultation formats. Words that describe our philosophy of ministry include Spirit-filled, Spirit-formed, Trinitarian, relational, incarnational, paracletic, supernatural leadership, and five-fold equipping ministry; with an aim to build a bridge between Church practice and biblical theology.


We have a passion

To see the life of Jesus lived out in a relational (more than hierarchical) model that reflects the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In this model the equipping gifts (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) function as paracletes (come-alongside helpers), giving of themselves to strengthen and empower the Church (both individually and corporately) to be Spirit-formed and fully engaged in Kingdom mission.







Is a Spirit-formed Community. Almost 40 years of pastoral ministry have taught us that the local church thrives best when nurtured in the encouragement and coaching of all the ministry gifts of Christ (Eph. 4:11-12), and that every believer grows best when engaged in the relationships and ministry of the church-in-community. Table of Friends, as a local church, seeks to be that relational community, drawn together, nurtured to maturity by the Spirit.


The engine of transformation is Spirit-formed personal relationships. We are intentional about discipling in “Triads” – one on two, using materials that are specifically designed to anchor every believer in the sonship of Abba. Our discipleship priority is given to the members of the church, though we also disciple/coach leaders of other ministries. 


Having trained leaders in over twenty nations and taught in missions, seminaries and universities, Table of Friends partners with a variety of ministries to impart a relationally-based trinitarian approach to supernatural leadership. 

For a bio of ministry go to www.DrKerryWood.com or www.chiquipolowood.com